Nintendo Switch

Daemon X Machina Trailer Shows Its Game Flow Off And On The Battlefield



Marvelous released a new trailer titled “Game Cycle Introduction” for Daemon X Machina. The video goes over the basic game flow that begins with accepting orders before heading out to the battlefield.


  • Step 1 – Accept Order: Head to the terminal at the hangar to accept an order. After selling your Arsenal’s equipment, you can begin the order.


  • Step 2 – Fight on the Field: There are various objectives such as defeat all enemies, defend the fortress, and such. By defeating enemies, you can acquire equipment and use it on the spot. In the video we see an example of an objective that is to defeat the boss. You can get money or plans as rewards.


  • Step 3 – Customize: Using and combining with equipment you just got, it is possible to enhance Arsenals from the Hangar through Equipment Development and Body Modification. By spending money on Body Modifications, you can enhance abilities. After powering up the Arsenal, it’s off to take more orders.


  • Step 4 – Fight Together With Allies: You can check out the console to select a boss and challenge it with Cooperative Play of up to four players. Use your very own Arsenal to work together with allies and take down bosses.


Daemon X Machina releases for Nintendo Switch on September 13, 2019. Check out the game’s prologue animation by Satelight in our previous report.

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