Death Come True Introduces the Young Investigator Nozomu Kuji Portrayed by Win Morisaki

Death Come True Nozomu Kuji Win Morisaki

Izanagi Games introduced a police investigator named Nozomu Kuji for their upcoming FMV game Death Come True.

Nozomu Kuji (Win Morisaki)

An investigator from the Special Investigations Department. He keeps to himself and does things at his own pace, but is an elite investigator who solved numerous cases. They say he’s after the serial killer Makoto Karaki.

Nozomu’s actor Win Morisaki is a member of J-pop idol boy band PrizmaX. He has appeared in numerous shows and movies, including a role in Ready Player One.

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Death Come True releases in Japan in 2020 with plans for multiple platforms and languages.

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