Death end re;Quest Heads To PC via Steam On May 16, 2019 Along With A Separate Deluxe Pack



Idea Factory International announced that the PC version of Death end re;Quest is set to release on May 16, 2019 through Steam. A Deluxe Pack featuring art collections, wallpapers, and OST will also be available for purchase.


The PC version of Death end re;Quest includes all the original game content from the previous Japanese and Western releases. Language options include English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese subtitles.


Both free and paid DLC originally available on the PS4 version will also be available on Steam, including a free Summer Swimsuit Bundle coming June 4, 2019. However, PSN and retailer-exclusive bonus weapons will not be included in the Steam release.


As for the Deluxe Pack, it’ll cost $9.99 and it’ll include the following items:


Character Art Collection




Concept Art Collection



PC Wallpapers (x3)



Mobile Phone Wallpapers (x8)

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Odyssia Symphonic Trance (OST)



There will be a Deluxe Bundle that includes the game and Deluxe Pack that’ll come with a permanent 20% off discount. The 20% off sale will also be available for the game and Deluxe Pack individually, but that’ll be available for a week after launch.


Death end re;Quest releases for PC on May 16, 2019. The game is available on PlayStation 4. Check out more details and screenshots for its PC release in our previous report.

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