Death March Club Shows How A Field Trip Can Go Utterly Wrong


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At Konami’s livestream today, Too Kyo Games debuted the first trailer and gameplay showcase for Death March Club, their upcoming game that depicts a class of loser students trying to escape a death game underwater. [Thanks, Dengeki Online!]


While we haven’t learned much about the gameplay up until this point, it seems it has a focus on 2.5D exploration under a time limit, compared to other games written by Kotaro Uchikoshi which are more visual novel and puzzle game-like. Some students will chase after you in order to survive, and it seems you can work together with some other students as well.


Check it out below [Thanks, nitrotaku on Youtube!]:


According to director Kazutaka Kodaka, the game is half action platforming, and half visual novel where conversations play out. Kodaka mentioned, “It’s fine if you haven’t played action/platforming games before! We want you to enjoy this story of children being pushed to their limits.”

Uchikoshi was also present at the showing, and mentioned that the game’s contents changed quite a bit early on, and the development team had a hard time because of Kodaka’s tendency to go overboard with ideas.


Finally, it was announced that Death March Club is coming to multiple platforms, and not just PC as originally announced. However, whether this means smartphones or consoles is still unrevealed.


Death March Club is slated for release in 2020 for PC and other unrevealed platforms. You can catch up on plenty more story details and the main characters in our previous report.

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