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Death Stranding Figure Offers A Better Look At Sam’s Gear


D3pAtE_UcAQkE1N While no more definitive information on Death Stranding has been released, Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to show off a prototype Death Stranding figure. He noted that it is a figma of Sam Bridges, the game’s hero, who is working as a courier of some sort. Its details allow us a better look at Sam and the equipment he will be using. In a second tweet, he specifically called attention to the gear on Sam’s back.


The Death Stranding figma has Sam in his suit and greatly resembles Norman Reedus, who participated in the motion capture and provided the English voice acting for the character. He has the same outfit and equipment as Sam did in his Tokyo Game Show 2018 concept art and trailer. He is carrying the suitcase parcel in his left hand, the detector arm is deployed on his left shoulder, and he has a number of similar containers strapped onto his back. We also see that he carries a second pair of boots and has a gun strapped to the right side of his back. He also wears protective kneepads, though this prototype does not have him wearing the helmet that sometimes appears in some trailers.


Here are all of the prototype Death Stranding figma images Kojima shared. In one picture, a Kojima figurine can be seen in the background.




Death Stranding is in development for the PlayStation 4. Back in March 2019, Kojima noted it is “slightly behind” the plan Kojima Productions has for it. A release date has not been provided for the Death Stranding figma.

Jenni Lada
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