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Deemo Reborn Brings Gameplay Footage And Developer Tidbits From Taipei Game Show 2019


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Deemo Reborn was highlighted during a stage event on PlayStation Taiwan’s livestream for Taipei Game Show 2019, and gameplay played by Alice’s voice actress Ayana Taketatsu was shown off. Additionally, the developers of Deemo Reborn revealed a bit more about the game in an interview after the stage event.


Check out the gameplay, which spans exploring the hub world and the music game sections, below (starts from the 2:00:38 mark):


After the event, the producer and game planner for Deemo Reborn revealed a few more details behind the making of the game:

  • Rayark got a lot of support from SIE for developing Deemo’s PS Vita version, and this time they are working together on Deemo Reborn as well.


  • According to game planner Rick, the first step was to make Deemo able to be remade in 3D. When designing the original Deemo, as long as it looked pretty, they didn’t need to think about how the art would look realistically. So when they decided to turn it into 3D and having Alice run around solving puzzles, they had to give a lot of thought into keeping the original feel intact.


  • One of the major focuses of the game is “the little girl Alice’s face”. Her model and facial expressions continue to be brushed up and improved, and Rick says that it’ll probably keep seeing changes up until the game is mastered up.


  • With an increased focus on plot, lots of effort went into Alice’s dialogue so that it fit the world of Deemo as envisioned by the players. Players will get to see a lively Alice in Deemo Reborn, such as when she yelps in surprise when a door opens, or when she moves around and speaks to herself in her idle animations.


deemo reborn 2


  • Deemo Reborn’s story follows the original, including the ending. The exploration and adventure elements reveal aspects of the world not touched upon in the original smartphone version. This was one of the major aspects focused upon in developing Deemo Reborn. As the plot of Deemo Reborn is set in stone, if they make DLC it will just be for extra songs.


  • The controls shown off in the gameplay are the default buttons, but you can remap them as you please in the final game.


  • While the gameplay shown off was the TV mode gameplay, VR gameplay will differ significantly, having you reach out to touch the notes as they come.


  • Finally, Rayark are open to collaborating with various other game companies for Deemo, such as with the Taiko no Tatsujin series. However, this isn’t limited to just music game genre series, as can be seen with their Hortensia Saga collaboration.


Deemo Reborn is in development for PlayStation 4, and will support PlayStation VR. The game has a tentative Spring 2019 release date in Japan.

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