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Demon Gaze Extra Opening Movie and Character Info Revealed

Demon Gaze Extra Switch PS4

Kadokawa Games updated its official website for Demon Gaze Extra with new character information. We have provided translations and the voice actors below. Additionally, the company uploaded the game’s opening movie to its official YouTube channel. The enhanced version of the PS Vita title will launch in Japan on September 2, 2021. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The new opening movie for Demon Gaze Extra shows off the game’s remastered look. The song in the video is also a rearranged version of the title’s classic music. Kadokawa Games boasts the opening as a new motif for the world of Demon Gaze.

Check out the opening movie, character info, and key art for Demon Gaze Extra below.

  • Fran Pendoll (voiced by Saori Hayami)
    • The proprietress of the Dragon Princess Inn, who is out of touch with the world around her. She also seems to be dedicated day and night to some unknown mission.
  • Lancelorna Beowulf (voiced by Atsuko Tanaka)
    • A retired mercenary with a caring nature, loved by those around her. She has an Evil Eye, similar to the protagonist.
  • Lu “Lulu” Lunark (voiced by Yukari Tamura)
    • A mercenary who often comes to the Inn. Her skills are top-notch, and she’s respected by other mercenaries, despite her youthful appearance and small stature.
  • Pinay (voiced by Manami Numakura)
    • A girl of the Ney race who both works and lives at the Inn. She handles all the chores on behalf of Fran.
  • Prometh (voiced by Akina)
    • A girl who runs the funeral parlor at the Inn. For some reason, she walks around half-naked.
  • Cassel Glondike (voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki)
    • A young guy who runs the weapon shop at the Inn. Although he’s not very talkative, he’s a very caring, older-brother type.
  • Kukure (voiced by Mami Tamura)
    • A young guy of the Migmy race who fashions himself a stylist. He runs the beauty salon at the Inn.
  • Lezerem Rantile (voiced by Shiki Tono)
    • A young guy of the Elf race who runs the tool shop at the Inn. Although he’s good-natured, he often gets others into trouble.

Demon Gaze Extra will launch on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 2, 2021. Currently, there is no news of a release outside Japan.

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