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Demon Gaze II’s Post-Game Is As Substantial As The Main Adventure


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Demon Gaze II does something people might not expect. When the game ends, it does not “end.” This is because we did not just get the main game when it launched on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita outside of Japan. Our version is both the base game and the free Call of Grimodar add-on. In Japan, this was a free expansion that added a whole new area and characters to the game after launch. In short, it is probably one of the more substantial post-game experiences someone can find and enjoy.


Once you have beaten Demon Gaze II’s big bad, you will have access to a bridge to a new scenario. Because even though the revolution has succeeded, something wicked is still lurking in the wings. Muse has received a letter suggesting her mother was still in danger from Rue, a being that used leftover Star Power to return and cause trouble. After the “After the Revolution” quest is completed, your level and stat limits are increased to 99 and a whole new scenario can be unlocked by visiting the tavern. This gives you access to Grimodar Castle.


This new storyline offers an entirely new dungeon experience that is incredibly huge. There are more floors to explore. Traps abound. The enemies are incredibly powerful. You can head into other realms. There is even a rather delightful music puzzle to solve. (Brush up on your Do-Re-Mis.) In a way, I actually appreciated Grimodar segment and campaign more. The original Demon Gaze II segment is great, but I felt like there was so much more of a focus on dungeon-crawling here. Especially considering the legendary equipment I could find as I played. I have not even finished it yet, but I am impressed with the enemies I have fought and bosses I have seen. I know that Astro, from the original Demon Gaze, makes a reappearance.


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The post-game is also a fantastic time to date. There are so many demons you may have missed out on the first time. I felt like I was accumulating so many extra Maintenance Crystals, not that I did not have the same pressure to try and earn extra ending scenes. You can continue improving likability with characters. Then, after fighting Circe and Truvadilus, you can read Letters from Demons at the Tavern. This lets you see any endings. And, since Cancer can only be found in the post-game, you have a chance to get to know this new demon. (Hint: to solve her puzzle, you need to walk into the middle of the room then strafe back and forth to walk like crab.)


I feel like Demon Gaze II is exactly what people who have been enjoying the game want. It gives people a higher level cap, more equipment, more dungeon delving, a new Demon, and more monsters who are all rather challenging. It’s substantial too, as I could see it probably lasting about as long as the main campaign. It is a nice bonus for people who are invested in the game.


Demon Gaze II is available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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