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Detective Visual Novel Series Mystereet Coming To Xbox Box One



Mages previously teased a new project by Makoto Asada, who worked at Cave to help them bring arcade shooters to the Xbox 360. During the recent Software for Xbox One Presentation event, Mages revealed the game as Mystereet F: Curtain Call for the Detectives.



Mystereet F will be made by Division 8, Asada’s new studio, and it brings two games in the Mystereet series together on Xbox One. A remake of Mystereet, a visual novel game for PC, PlayStation 2, and PSP, and a brand new sequel called Mystereet 2: Farewell Counter make up Mystereet F.


Hiroyuki Kanno, who worked on the time-travelling visual novel Yu-No and EVE: Burst Error was the planner and scenario writer of the original title before passing away, and his company Abel will take care of the rest of the scenario for the upcoming title..Aoi Nanase, who previously worked on titles such as Falcom’s Zwei!! will be in charge of the character designs.


More details on Mystereet F: Curtain Call for the Detectives will be revealed in the near future.

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