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Detention Is Officially Headed To Nintendo Switch



A Switch version rating for the horror game Detention recently surfaced a couple weeks ago and Red Candle Games made it official that the game is headed to Nintendo Switch.



Detention is already available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Here’s more about the game from its Steam page:



Greenwood high school, located in a remote mountainous area, two students found themselves trapped and vulnerable. The place they once knew has changed in unsettling ways, haunted by evil creatures. To escape, they must explore the mysterious campus filled with ominous objects and puzzles. How will they survive in this ever threatening environment? Could they return to safety in one piece?

Set in a fictitious world in the 1960s Taiwan under martial law, Detention, the story-driven atmospheric horror incorporated East Asian elements rarely used in games. Taoism, Buddhism, Chinese mythology, the game draws on local Taiwanese cultural references to tell an unique and terrifying story.



In this 2D atmospheric horror side-scroller, players navigate the main characters in a classic point and click fashion to explore a high school where evil encroaches. While hiding from the rampaging monsters, you are to find items to interact with in the otherworldly rooms. And as more mysteries unveiled, the dark past of a cursed school will finally surface.



  • 2D atmospheric horror with spine-chilling atmosphere.
  • Immersive gameplay and puzzle solving experience
  • Unique Taiwanese/Eastern cultural references.
  • Original sound tracks, fusing Electronic, Lo-Fi, and Rock with traditional Asian instruments.
  • Unique and appealing graphics.
  • Multiple language support. (Including English, Chinese)
  • Mac, Windows and Linux support



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Detention is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. A release date has yet to be announced for the Switch version.

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