Devotion Will Once Again Return to PCs via GOG (Update)

Devotion GOG

Red Candle Games announced that Devotion will return to PCs. The announcement was made through the developer’s official Twitter account, which revealed the re-release date for the horror game. Consumers can get their hands on Devotion through the GOG storefront on December 18, 2020 for $16. Update: CD Projekt changed its mind.

Devotion was originally available to purchase through Steam. However, in February 2019 the game was pulled from the storefront for a QA check. Following its removal from Steam, Red Candle released a statement that a re-release wouldn’t be happening any time soon. In February 2020, Devotion was added to the Harvard-Yenching Library for preservation purposes.

A physical limited edition version of the game released in June 2020 in Taiwan. However, this version was only available to purchase through the official Red Candle Games online store for a short period of time and was strictly limited to Taiwanese consumers.

Devotion follows the unfortunate circumstance of the Du family. Players assume the role of Feng Yu, a father who turned to a cult for relief when the family struggles to stay afloat and his daughter gets sick. It is a first-person game, resulting in an experience many compared to P.T.

Devotion will be available to purchase on PCs through the GOG storefront on December 18, 2020.

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