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DJMax Respect’s Western Version Won’t Miss Out On Any Content From Japan Or Asia



We recently learned that DJMax Respect is headed Westward, and Siliconera spoke with producer Seung-Chul Baek of Rocky Studio who told us more about the US version of the game.


Speaking with Seung-Chul Baek at PlayStation Experience this weekend, the producer told Siliconera that they are making one global build. This means the song list will be the same as both the Japanese and Asian versions, and there won’t be any extra songs or DLC packs for the US release.  Moreover, the game has global leaderboards, meaning the US, Japan, and Asia releases are all the same on the leaderboards.


While there won’t be any US-exclusive DLC packs when the game launches, there will be new DLC and the plan is to release new ones every three months or so. After the Clazziquai Edition DLC pack, the team will release a Technika pack and then Black Square. However, the Technika pack won’t contain songs from KARA. Rocky Studio will try to get the license, but it isn’t an easy task for the developers.


On the subject of adding new songs, we asked if there are any plans to add more Kpop licenses, to which Baek said they’re actually interested in making original songs or doing video game crossovers like the Guilty Gear songs from Arc System Works. If you’re wondering, we’ll get those in the West as well.


The rhythm game is slated for a Q1 2018 release, but only as a digital title for now. If Rocky Studio can find a good partner in the United States, a physical version would be a possibility.


DJMax Respect is available in Japan and Asia for PlayStation 4.

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