Does Not Commute Tells Its Story So Long As You Don’t Crash Into Yourself



Does Not Commute is a game in which the biggest challenge is to avoid crashing into yourself.


It starts off easy enough, with you steering the vehicle of one of the people commuting through the small 1970s town in which it all takes place. You have a time limit in which you must get that driver from position A to position B. Easy enough.


But once you’ve done this the time paradox then reveals itself. Yep, time rewinds, and you play as another character in a different vehicle, travelling through the same small town at the same time as the first character, but arriving and ending at different points. As you steer this second character you have to ensure that you don’t crash into the path of the first car that you drove. If you do crash then your car will slow down and you probably won’t make it to the destination in time.



This pattern repeats itself over and over. Every time you get another vehicle to their destination, avoiding your previous selves, another is added until it becomes traffic chaos.


But there’s more to the game than just this challenge. As you take on the different characters in their unique vehicles (hot dog trucks, sports cars, school buses, and later, boats) a story centered around the small town emerges. There are lots of mysteries to pursue, including the “world-changing experiment” of Dr Charles Schneider, the strange mask on Mrs Griffin’s face, and Mr Mayfield’s obsession with Yorkshire Terriers.


You can download Does Not Commute for free on the App Store and Google Play right now. It has an optional premium upgrade that removes ads that costs $1.99. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman