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Doraemon: Story of Seasons To Get Farming Balance Patch In June Update


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While Doraemon: Story of Seasons released to surprisingly high sales this week despite the somewhat-muted marketing campaign, producer Shinichi Kameoka released a statement this week saying that the game will be getting a patch in order to fix some issues, as well as balance farming.


Since the release of the game, while people praised the game for its graphics and artstyle and overall atmosphere, several major bugs such as ones that make items disappear forever have been found. The June update is mainly meant to address these issues, as well as one major flaw so far.


Since the game’s release, people have found that farming in the game was not balanced to be profitable enough, and coupled with many requests from Harvest Sprites for ore, have turned to mining as their daily routine instead. (Some have even nicknamed the game ‘Doraemon: Story of Mining’. Some other people have turned to making and selling bread from store-bought flour.

One Twitter player tweeted that while like previous games you needed to add fertilizer to raise quality, in this game fertilizer costs double the usual amount of money, and also barely raised crop quality. Even after raising quality, the crops would only sell for several dozen dollars more. Thus, he gave up on farming.


With the next update, the overall balance of profit from farming will be addressed, such as reducing the cost of fertilizer, and other fun-stopping issues. So far, it seems people are pleased. One person noted that balance issues in BokuMono series games aren’t a new thing at all, and the fact that these could now be addressed at all proved that we now live in nice times, echoing Kameoka’s own thoughts in a recent blog post.


Doraemon: Story of Seasons is available on Nintendo Switch. The game will release in the West in Fall 2019, and we’ll likely see the balance patch either baked in or in a Day 1 patch.

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