Dragalia Lost Brings Celliera And Granblue’s Lily To The Game


dragalia lost lily As revealed earlier this week, the first event has begun in Dragalia Lost. The Loyalty’s Requiem raid has appeared, offering an original character named Celliera as a unit. In addition, a The Winter Flower and the Tidal Power banner has begun, giving people a chance to earn Granblue’s Lily as a unit.


The Dragalia Lost Loyalty’s Requiem Raid allows up to four people with four adventurers to fight in the event quest to get the Flaim Raid Boss and increase friendship levels with Celliera, a water adventurer who uses a sword. Doing well and getting blazons and emblems could mean you get Pele, a dragon, and Paladyn Defender, a wymprint. Peregrine Blazons come from going through Raid Battles and Boss Battles and can be used on the Blazon Summoning. (As a note, you can not read Celliera’s Adventurer Story in the Castle section until you have recruited her and the event ends.)


The focus units for Dragalia Lost The Winter Flower and the Tidal Power are Lily the adventurer, Leviathan the dragon, the Tough Love Wyrmprint, and the Crystalian Envoy Wyrmprint. All of these are five-star pulls, with the Lily and Crystalian Envoy both being inspired by Granblue Fantasy. The other newly added units include Orsem the adventurer (four-star), Poli’ahu the dragon (four-star), The Warrioresses (four-star), Fireside Gathering (four-star), Zace (three-star), and Crown of Yore (three-star).


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. This banner will be available until October 17, 2018.

Jenni Lada
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