Dragalia Lost Is Getting One Old Raid Event, Then One New One




CyGames has brought up the plans for Dragalia Lost’s immediate future, and some might seem familiar. The next two Raid Events have been announced. One brings back Resplendent Refrain, which was first held in November 2018. It will be followed by a new Raid called Echoes of Antiquity.


dfb75967f42e6e6b6d1bbb2e30f95f83Resplendent Refrain will return to Dragalia Lost on May 14, 2019. People can work to befriend the four-star adventurer Elias, who is a light element character with a bow, and acquire the five-star dark dragon Maritimus. It will be accompanied by a new banner that has a five-star version of Zardin as the focus. This is Beautiful Zardin, a light element adventurer who uses a blade. Following this Raid Event, CyGames will occasionally revive other past Facility and Raid events to give people a second chance.


Later in May 2019, Echoes of Antiquity will begin. It will have a wind raid boss named Qitian Dasheng and let you befriend a three-star fire adventurer named Xuan Zang. (She wields a spear.) A start date was not announced.


Some other new content was discussed. High Brunhilda’s Trial will get a Prelude difficulty on May 14, 2019. Amber Golem, Gust Shroom, and Violet Ghost Void battles will appear on May 20, 2019. Void Poseidon will appear in June 2019, giving people a chance to make High Mercury weapons.


The June 2019 The Mercurial Gauntlet was also teased with an official description:


This will be a recurring event. It will pit you against Fafnir Roy III–a pretty easy-going dragon, so don’t expect to need too many in-depth tactics. All you need to worry about is attacking, and winning before you’re defeated yourself!

If you’re victorious, you’ll be able to challenge the next level. You’ll get rewards monthly based on your progress. It’s a simple way to test your team’s strength, so if you have a little trouble keeping up with the action of the more intense battles, you’ll hopefully enjoy this content.


Here are the rest of the Dragalia Lost upcoming May 2019 update notes from the official website:


Update Information

There are five points I’d like to share regarding the next update.

1. Clear-time display

The quest results screen will display your clear time. We hope that players will use this to compare their clear times when they beat powerful enemies like those in Advanced Dragon Trials. In terms of gameplay, we’re also hoping to use this feature in endeavor conditions.

2. Matching with nearby players

When playing co-op, it will be possible to match with nearby players using GPS functionality. This will let you enjoy co-op without entering an ID, making it a bit easier to play with those around you.

3. Crafting-feature improvements

In crafting, we’ll implement a feature that lets you directly craft weapons of 2nd tier or higher. Up until now, crafting has required a lot of operational steps, but this will make it possible to do all that crafting at once as long as you have the necessary materials.

At the time of implementation, you will not be able to use weapons you already have as materials, nor will it be possible to enhance weapons directly.

4. Dragon’s Roost gift-giving feature improvements

We’ll be improving the gift-giving feature in the Dragon’s Roost by making it possible to select multiple gifts at once (not counting four-leaf clovers).

5. Adventurer AI adjustments

In a recent update we made it so that the AI attacks more actively, such as by using Force Strike. In the next update, the AI will move in response to enemy markers.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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