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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Is Going To Host An Online Martial Arts Tournament Event



Bandai Namco got Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyans, to make an announcement for an upcoming online Martial Arts tournament for Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The trailer gives us some details on how it’ll go down.


Keep in mind that the announcement and video was made for Japan, so we’ll likely get our own announcement for the West. According to Vegeta, er Bandai Namco, they will host a training for the upcoming Martial Arts Tournament from August 19th until the 23rd.


The practice session will let you basically get a taste of the tournament, so you can get an idea of how it works. The practice “beta” session will let you take on opponents online to get ready for the main event. You can choose to go with your own custom characters or any of the other characters from the game.


From August 26th until 30th, the “Preliminary Tournament” will take place. During this phase, players will get to participate and rank up for a few dais in order to make it on top of the rankings. The ranking is decided by points, and if you manage to be one of the top players, you’ll qualify for the main tournament.


Additionally, those who qualify for the main event will get their names posted on the official website, along with a special item and icon next to their name for bragging rights. The main part of the Martial Arts Tournament will take place on September 5th, and will be in elimination fashion, similar to the Martial Arts Tournament from the series.


The video says that the main tournament will decide on the best player in Japan, and it’ll also be live-streamed online for fans to check out. Bandai Namco are currently planning on a second Martial Arts Tournament event as well.

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