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Dragon Marked for Death 3.0.0 Update Will Add Two New Playable Characters and More on April 21

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Inti Creates shared a look at new playable characters Oracle and Bandit, and more coming in the free Ver. 3.0.0 update for Dragon Marked for Death on April 21, 2020. It’s been a while since the game saw a major update, and Inti Creates says this one is shaping up to be the biggest one yet.

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First, here’s a look at a new trailer for Dragon Marked for Death‘s Ver 3.0.0 update:

In addition to the new playable characters, the Oracle and the Bandit, the update adds other major new features. These features include brand new weapon categories, powering up weapons as a whole, increased level caps, and plenty more.

Moreover, the two new playable characters will be available as free in the update. The Oracle is unlocked by meeting certain conditions in the storyline of the game. The Bandit is unlocked when certain conditions within “The Dragonblood Bandit” DLC scenario are met. Both new characters will have four Japanese voices to pick from as well as customizable color and name.

Here are more details on Dragon Marked for Death‘s newcomer characters, The Oracle and The Bandit:

The Oracle

Dragon Marked for Death The Oracle

The Dragonblood Oracle, reincarnated once every 100 years.
She bears the Dragon Scar on her back.
The Oracle is able to communicate with the Astral Dragon Atruum and channel his power through the Dragon Wings that have manifested on her back.
Through this, she can reproduce the Astral Dragon’s own willpower and magical abilities. She has strong control over this power, allowing her to manipulate giant weapons through sheer force of will and copy them with magic.
She is also capable of using a magic focus to cast beneficial spells on herself and nearby allies, as well as attack spells of the element that corresponds to her dragon contract.

Dragon Marked for Death The Oracle

Slash Form: The Oracle commands her equipped greatswords to slash at a distance in front of her. It has high attack power, but leaves her wide open.

Dragon Marked for Death The Oracle

Quick: This spell increases movement speed temporarily, varying with magic incantations.

Dragon Marked for Death The Oracle CV

CV: Yui Ogura | Miyu Tomita | Saori Hayami | Yui Horie

The Bandit

He is a young man of the Dragonblood Clan who bears the Dragon Scar on his hand.
His fist contains the power of the Astral Dragon Atruum that varies depending on his chosen dragon contract. It is capable of stealing the lifeforce of any living thing.
The Dragon Fist can steal this energy and crystallize it, forming magic items known as relics.
These relics are capable of manifesting various phenomena.
He specialize in luck, and earns the favor of his comrades by working as a Treasure Hunter.

Dragon Claw: His arm swells and thrusts forward, grabbing an enemy to extract relics.

Thunder Relic: The Bandit uses the power of a thunder relic, attacking with a quick dash forward. He is invincible while dashing, so he can use this to attack as well as to avoid damage.

CV: Yuki Kaji | Daisuke Kishio | Kenta Tanaka | Daiki Yamashita


Dragon Marked for Death is available for the Nintendo Switch. Check here and here to see what was added in previous updates.

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