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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Details Farming, Difference Between Weapons And Builder Tools


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We got to see plenty of new footage for Dragon Q uest Builders 2 with farming and useful features at TGS 2018, and Square Enix shared more details on the farming and town-building aspects of the game at its official website.


Making a plantation alone would be difficult for the protagonist, but they’ll get plenty of help from inhabitants who can plow fields and help with watering. Working together is the key to creating your ideal plantation.


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By placing a scarecrow, you’ll get inhabitants to come and plow the land. It’ll be up to you to decide what seeds to plant.


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The inhabitants will water the crops, so all you’ll have to do is wait. However, monsters do attack  your crops, so you’ll need to take them out when they arrive.


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When the crop is good for picking, it’ll be yours to grab. Build your own plantation.


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At the beginning, the inhabitants have been taught by the Hargon Order that building is bad, but they become more positive over time by seeing the protagonist build things. This is indicated by the heart icons, called “Builder Points,” that you get from inhabitants as they show gratitude. By collecting enough Builder Points, you’ll get to hit the Builder Bell in town.


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When you ring the Builder’s Bell you’ll level up and inhabitants increase motivation. Furthermore, it increases the number and variety of items the protagonist can create.


The next part is a look at the new “Builder Tools” that you equip aside from the weapons and armors that are used to fight monsters. Builder Tools are equipped to help Builders, and they range from hammers that can break hard rocks, a water source pot, or gloves to carry items. All of these tools come in useful in various ways.


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The hammer can break hard rocks and trees. You can also charge its power for a heavy swing. The Thirsty Pot allows you to put water inside it and create a source of water anywhere you’d like. For example, you can use it to make your own waterfall.


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By wearing gloves you can move items without breaking them. You’ll want to use the gloves to move things such as flowers and furniture without breaking them.



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Lastly, here’s a little bit about the difference between weapons and hammers. Weapons such as swords can deal high damage toe enemies but they can’t break many objects. A hammer, on the other hand, can break all kinds of things, but they do less damage.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases in Japan on December 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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