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Dragon Quest X Reveals Two Key Characters And A Cat For Its New Expansion



We previously got a look at a mysterious new “Knight in Black” character who is set to appear in Dragon Quest X’s next expansion, and this week’s Jump magazine shares a look at more with new key characters.


In Dragon Quest X: The 5,000 Year Journey to the Distant Homeland Online, players will go through a fateful encounter at the Eterne Kingdom, where they’ll see new areas including fields of flowers that look perfect for a picnic and fancy roads and mysterious buildings.


Meleade: A female you first meet in the past world. She’s a softhearted noble.


Quord: The commander of the Eterne Kingdom army, and the younger brother of Meleade. He’ll fight anyone who tries to harm his sister.


Chacol: Meleade’s mischievous pet cat. Her collar and ribbon matches that of Meleade’s.


Dragon Quest X’s new expansion launches in Japan on November 16, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and PC. Check out its announcement trailer in our previous report.

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