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Dragon Quest X Version 5.0 Update Had A Rough Launch Due To An Odd Nintendo eShop Error



Dragon Quest X released its Version 5.0 update, “Ibara no Miko to Horobi no Kami” (The Maiden of Thorns and the God of Destruction), but it saw a bit of a prickly debut due to an eShop error in Japan. [Thanks, Hachima.]


The version update was originally expected to launch much earlier, but producer Koji Aoyama announced in the morning that due to a registration error with the Switch version on the Nintendo eShop, they had to delay its launch to 5:00pm JST in order to fix the issue. Square Enix considered launching the version update for other platforms not affected by the issue, but decided that it would be fair for all adventurers to have a simultaneous release.


Square Enix didn’t go into specific details about the eShop error, but several players like @Alicianov15 reported that after purchasing through Nintendo eShop they were getting registered as the Wii U version of the game.


The problem was eventually fixed and sales for the Switch and Wii U versions resumed on eShop. Those affected by the issue should have received an email on the matter. Those who did not receive an email can contact support here (Wii U version) and here (Switch version).


Dragon Quest X is available in Japan on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and PC.

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