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Dragon Quest XI S Shows Off New Layered Armor Feature And New Monster Mounts


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Square Enix has revealed more info on Dragon Quest XI S, including a new layered armor system that allows you to use special armor looks no matter the actual equipment you’re wearing, as well as new monster mounts. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Following Party Members

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As revealed previously, the party members you have in tow will show up running behind the protagonist, making it easier to talk to them and see what they have to say without needing to jump into a special menu option.


Armor Appearance Option

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As players of the PlayStation 4 version will know, there are some special pieces of equipment that will change the looks of the characters, such as a dancer outfit for Serena. In Dragon Quest XI S, you now have the option to choose to show the special outfits even with different armor equipped.

These outfits will show up in story events as well. You can also use this option even when playing the game with the Draconian Quest option that forbids equipping armor.


New Monster Mounts

Great Sabrecat

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The great sabrecat will be able to plow through enemies the same way as your horse. It can also give a shout that draws in enemies so you can run through them in one go. ‘Marching Through the Fields’ from Dragon Quest VIII plays when riding the Great Sabrecat.


Slime Knight

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You can use the Slime Knight’s sword to initiate field attacks on enemies, and experience can be gained doing so.


Ice Golem

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The Ice Golem can defeat nearly enemies for EXP, and destroy things blocking the way.


Iron Maiden

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When hiding under the Iron Maiden, monsters will not notice you, nor will you be able to initiate battles.



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You are able to fly with the Labradrake, as well as blow away enemies by charging through them. You can only ride the Labradrake after buying a certain piece of appearance-changing armor.


Handy Menu

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The Handy Menu is accessed via the + button, and features the ability to use the Fun-size Forge, the bell that calls your horse, and more.


Dragon Quest XI S releases for Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2019. Dragon Quest XI is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. You can find out more about an upcoming demo, a new 2D world, and more in our previous post here.

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