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Dragon Quest XI S Voice Drama Teaser Trailer Features Erik, Mia, Derk, Don Cannoli, And The Seer



Dragon Quest XI S releases this September for Switch and it comes with a special Voice Drama DLC that tells us more about its characters. In a new teaser trailer we get to learn a bit about Erik’s past.


Here’s a teaser trailer for “The Two Thieves and the Legendary Treasure”:

“H…e…l…p… me…”

Before meeting the hero, Erik the thief wandered across Erdrea. That’s when he met a certain man. A grand adventure scene of a sorrowful thief in search of a legendary treasure now unfolds.


Characters set to make an appearance in this voice drama are Erik, Mia, Derk, Don Cannoli, and The Seer.


Dragon Quest XI S releases for Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2019.

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