NHN’s Drift Girls, one part racer and one part dating-sim, is now available on iOS and Android devices on the West, complete with English voice-acting.


In Drift Girls, you race high-performance custom cars and date pretty girls along the way. The women in the game can range from marine biologist to private investigator. Toast USA, the game’s publisher, even went and hired actresses from the anime industry to provide the English voice-acted lines.


In addition to the racing and dating aspect, you also get to customize your cars. You do this by racing for car parts in challenges. You can also race for gifts to present to the women you encounter. Each one has their own tastes, so you’ll nee to figure out which gifts work and which ones don’t.


NHN and Toast USA plan on holding major events for Drift Girls every couple of weeks, with smaller events being held every week. Launch events include:


  • Girl of the Week – Julie​: Racers that take Julie for a ride in the passenger seat will receive 30% more coins per race.
  • Login Gifts​: Get free Car Tickets and free Car Parts for keeping notifications on.
  • Racing Weekends​: Fuel Cost Decreased (Friday-Saturday); Upgrade Cost Decreased (Sunday).


Drift Girls is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. A trailer for the game can be viewed above.


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