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EDF News Brings Us The Latest Trailer From Earth Defense Force 5


EDF5 2

Earth Defense Force 5 comes out next week in Japan, and D3Publisher released a new trailer in the form of a news program from EDF News and a recruitment video for the Earth Defense Force.


The new trailer summarizes what is known so far about the playable units in the game, although there is a hint that the war against insects may not be going as well as the EDF paints in their recruitment message. The full trailer can be found below:



The trailer ends with info about exclusive weapons and costumes depending on where you buy the game. Notably, buying from GEO nets you a Starburst laser weapon for the Wing Divers, and the digital version from PlayStation Store will come with the Volcania Cracker, a spread shot also for Wing Divers.


Earth Defense Force 5 will come out for PlayStation 4 on December 7, 2017.

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