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Eiyuden Chronicle Marisa DLC Stretch Goal Hit

eiyuden chronicle marisa eiyuden chronicle dlc

As Kickstarter stretch goals are passed, even more Eiyuden Chronicle features and bonuses keep being revealed for the game. Back when it passed $3 million in funding, it ended up getting Hot Springs and more minigames. Now that it has passed $3,275,000, the Eiyuden Chronicle Marissa DLC has been funded.

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Marisa was one of the first characters to be announced for the game and will be a part of the main campaign. Now that $3.25 million has been raised, Rabbit & Bear Studios will “have the technology.” Another Story: Marisa will be the first Eiyuden Chronicle DLC. This will be a five to ten hour story focusing on her. As mentioned before, backers will get this add-on for free before normal players.

Some other stretch goals were hit since the last update. Russian will be available as a language option. A 109th character, which will be decided by a backer vote, is going to join the cast. Cutscenes will have voice acting. People will also be able to design their own flag in-game.

As for more stretch goals, two have been revealed and two more have been hinted at. Should people reach $3.325 million, a farm will be available in the hub with food to grow. Duels will become a part of the game if $3.425 million is raised. The hidden goals are one at $3.6 million called “All Hands on Deck” and a $3.7 million one called “Playing Favorites.”

The Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter will end on August 29, 2020. The PC version has a tentative Fall 2022 launch window, and eventually it will also appear on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and next Nintendo system.

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