Elden Ring Official Art Book Cover and Package Revealed

Elden Ring official art book

With its release date closing in, Bandai Namco and From Software are giving Elden Ring fans a look at what they could get their hands on if they opt to pick up the Elden Ring Official Art Book. Announced in September, the book will release in two volumes on November 30, 2022 in Japan [Thanks, Famitsu!].

The art book will contain concept art and other pieces used in the development and marketing of Elden Ring. Both volumes will launch simultaneously. Between them, the Elden Ring Official Art Book will feature over 800 pieces of art from every stage of the game. There were so many pieces to include, the decision was made to split the release into two volumes released together rather than print a single larger book.

The first volume will contain art used to make the opening movie, as well as concepts for characters, armor, gear and landscapes. Its cover features a glimpse of the Erdtree. The second volume will focus on enemy designs, including the game’s many boss characters. Its cover shows Queen Marika.

Buyers who pick up the set via retailer Ebten can also get the books as a special deluxe box set. The set comes with a box that holds both volumes. The box features a large-format illustration showing the battle between Malenia the Severed and General Radahn over Caelid. The deluxe pack also includes a high-resolution framed art piece showing Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.

The Elden Ring Official Art Book launches on November 30, 2022 in Japan. Each volume will cost 4,400 Yen each (about $32 USD) pre-tax. The Ebten Deluxe Edition wil cost 17,600 Yen (about $126 USD). Global release plans or publishers have not yet been announced.

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