Elsword is entering season 3 for its player-versus-player half of the MMO brawler. As part of this, there have been changes to characters, pets and titles to better balance things across the board.


PvP_S3 (1)

PvP_S3 (2) PvP_S3 (3)

PvP_S3 (7)

PvP_S3 (4) PvP_S3 (5)

The list for every character’s rebalance is pretty exhaustive and in-depth, so go here for the full list. In addition, PvP players can look forward to new Champion accessories as they rank up.


PvP_S3 (10) PvP_S3 (6)

PvP_S3 (8) PvP_S3 (9)

There’s also a Skill Tree page now, which saves up to three different presets for your skill tree to swap between, letting you keep a PvE and PvP set ready at a moment’s notice.


If you’re a pet or title lover, these too have been given a look over. Pets will in general do more damage and titles have gotten better with more stats on them.


Elsword is out now on PC.


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