English Genshin Impact Voice Actors Will Sign Prints and Posters Next Week

Zhongli genshin impact voice actors

Some English Genshin Impact voice actors will be participating in Streamily autograph sessions January 22-24, 2021. For $30-80, people can pay to have a print signed live on a stream, then sent to them.

Here’s a list of all of the people participating in the event, the characters they voice, and how much an autograph will cost you.

  • Allegra “Beidou” Clark: $30 for a Beidou print.
  • Brittany “Fischl” Cox: $40 for a Fischl print.
  • Brook “Stormterror” Chalmers: $30 for a “Stormterror Takes Flight” print. A larger version is also available for $40.
  • Christie “Qiqi” and “Unknown God” Cate: $30 for a Qiqi print. There is also a $40 holographic version available. You can also get an “Unknown God” print in $30 standard and $40 large sizes.
  • Erika “Venti” Harlacher: $40 for a “Venti with a Venti” print or “Venti Comes Home” print. There is also a $30 “Venti and Dvalin” print. A holographic version of it is $50.
  • Griffin “Tartaglia” Burns: $30 for a “Childe Hydro Attack” print. There is also a $40 larger version of the art available.
  • Jennifer “Ganyu” Losi: $40 for a “Ganyu Lantern Rite” print.
  • Kayli “Keqing” Mills: $30 for a Keqing print.
  • Keith “Zhongli” Silverstein: $35 for a Zhongli print.
  • Kelly “Amber” Baskin: There are two Amber prints, with one being $40 and another $45.
  • Sarah “Lumine” Miller-Crews: $30 for a Lumine print. There is also a larger version that is $30.
  • Stephanie “Jean” Southerland: $40 for a “Jean Gunnhildr” print. There is also a “Jean’s Gale Blade” print available in $30 standard matte, $40 large matte, $40 standard holographic, and $50 large holographic versions.
  • Zach “Aether” Aguilar: $40 for a “Aether and Paimon” print.

Some of the more expensive prints are special due to having multiple signatures on them or the art itself being larger or unusual. For example, the “Cocogoats with Qiqi and Ganyu” option, signed by Cate and Losi, is available as a $50 standard print, a $60 holographic print, a $70 poster, and an $80 holographic poster.

While English and Japanese Genshin Impact voice actors weren’t immediately revealed in most instances, miHoYo has been ensuring people know who plays who via subsequent announcements. (Also, in-game you can see their identities in profiles.) For example, in early January 2021, the developer announced who voices Ganyu in both English and Japanese.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices, with a Nintendo Switch version in development. The Genshin Impact voice actor Streamily will be held January 22-24, 2021.

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