English Version Of Chinese Paladin: Sword And Fairy 6 To Release On November 15


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The Legend of Sword and Fairy series is a longstanding Taiwan-developed RPG series that basically has the status of the Final Fantasy series in the West, having 8 games out so far, as well as an MMORPG, multiple spinoff games, and four separate live-action series. The latest game in the series, Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy 6, will be released on Steam with Chinese audio and English subtitles on November 15, marking the first time that the RPG series has ever been released officially in English.


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Entries in The Legend of Sword and Fairy series are not related to each other outside of a few reoccurring characters. The game’s Steam page has more to share on the setting and plot of Sword and Fairy 6:


“Since the birth of the ancient god Shen Nong, the nine springs of Jiuquan have anchored the Heavens and Earth. Each of the Jiuquan possess supernatural powers, and each are a fountain of energy and life for the universe. In the War of the Three Tribes, the Beasts were defeated by the coalition of Humans and Gods. The tribe of the Beasts retreated to the Demon World and since then Gods, Demons and Men have lived in isolation. After the war, Shen Nong and the Jiuquan disappeared from the world, and as time flowed on… the legend of the Jiuquan was lost.

Yue Jinzhao and Yue Qi arrive in the West Side, searching for something they had lost — what they will find instead is an ancient secret uncovered. Elsewhere, a gargantuan slumbering beast awakens in the sea — soaring to the skies, and bewildered at the voice in its head.

In the martial world, factions struggle for control: True Martial Alliance, Risen Soul Saints, Hengdao Society and the demonic Piscis… who are the true masterminds behind the traps within traps, the devious plans and evil designs? Destinies will unfold and become undone, as sacrifices are made… in the celebration of life.”


Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy 6 will release for PC on Steam in English on November 15, 2017.

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