Escape Monsters, Decipher a Language and Fall in Love in Homicipher

Escape Monsters, Decipher a Language and Fall in Love in Homicipher

Designed, written, and illustrated by indie developer Yatsunagi and published by Gamera games, Homicipher is an upcoming adventure-horror game about being trapped in another world with supernatural beings. While some of these creatures may not be initially hostile, they all speak an unknown language you will have to decipher through context clues and body language to avoid getting killed. Additionally, Homicipher teases the possibility of falling in love with some of these mysterious, dangerous men, due to its dating sim elements.

You can watch the trailer below:

There are currently five mysterious “Men of the Other World” listed as Homicipher romance options for the dating sim elements. They are Mr. Crawling, Mr. Silver Hair, Mr. Chopped Head, Mr. Gap and Mr. Hood. The Steam page also promises more characters. Some of these men, like Mr. Silver Hair and Mr. Chopped Head, appear initially friendly or at least not immediately hostile. Others, like Mr. Gap, are shown reacting violently to incorrect choices. Characters with obscured or missing features like Mr. Hood or Mr. Chopped Head may present additional challenges when deciphering context clues. It may be hard to read the body language of someone without a body, after all.

Homicipher currently has no release date, but you can follow or wishlist the game on Steam for more updates as they are published.

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