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The Evil Within 2 Offers Four Difficulty Levels And New Game Plus




    When people step into Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within 2, they will have a number of options available to tailor their game experience to their needs. There are three difficulty levels available from the very start: Casual, Survival, and Nightmare. Should they survive the game, they can come back for another go around in a New Game Plus file, perhaps using the unlocked Classic difficulty.


    The three immediately available difficulty settings are designed to make The Evil Within 2 accessible for all players. Casual is for people who want to enjoy the story. Aim Assist can be enabled, Sebastian can use Bottle Break to escape from enemies more easily immediately (if he has a bottle on hand), enemies are weaker, and you will see more items. Survival is for people who know what they’re doing with games, but may not be adept at survival horror games. Aim Assist is still an option, there are fewer items than in casual, and there are quite a few enemies around. Nightmare is comparable to the original The Evil Within’s difficulty. Aim Assist is absent, you will usually have to craft ammunition for guns, it is harder to find items, and there are plenty of difficult enemies roaming around.


    The Classic difficulty level is more unique. It unlocks after beatin The Evil Within 2 once. Everything said about Nightmare holds true. However, you can also not upgrade Sebastian or his equipment, can only save at save points a total of seven times, and the game will not automatically save at any point.


    Like Classic, New Game Plus unlocks after beating The Evil Within 2 once. Difficulty level and actions impact this second run. Sebastian could look different. You will also find new weapons, more green gel, and extra weapon parts.


    The Evil Within 2 is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

    Jenni Lada
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