Fate/Grand Order Arcade Won’t Get New Servants Anymore

Image via Fate/Grand Order YouTube

Sega and Lasengle announced that they will no longer add new playable Servants to Fate/Grand Order Arcade. With the addition of Muramasa, there are a total of 120 playable Servants in the game. There will also be changes to the system to accommodate for this piece of news.

Though there won’t be any more new Servants, Sega and Lasengle will still work on the game. It will increase the rate of re-runs, as well as hand out tickets every month to use in the paid gacha. There will be some balance patches to make the game easier to play. As well, Fate/Grand Order Arcade will still have new events, as well as re-run events. These will highlight on the charm of the Servants in the game, as both characters and playable units.

Recent events in the mobile version of FGO added formerly Arcade-exclusive Servants such as Tiamat Larva and Setanta. Time will tell if characters like Jacques de Molay (Saber), Frankenstein (Caster), Nemo (Grand Rider), and Kama (Archer) will appear in the mobile version.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices, and Fate/Grand Order Arcade is available in arcades in Japan. There will be no new additions to the current cast of 120 Servants in Fate/Grand Order.

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