Fate/Grand Order Brings Back Reines, Sherlock Holmes

Fate/Grand Order 5-Star Sima Yi (Reines)

The English-language version of Fate/Grand Order is kicking off its 13th Interlude on May 15, 2022. As part of the update, Reines and Sherlock Holmes are returning to FGO for a week. These fan-favorites will receive skill upgrades in this batch of Interludes.

Reines is rarely available because she is a 5-Star limited time character. After making her debut in the Lord El-Melloi II Case Files crossover last April, she made an appearance in the FGO 2021 4th Anniversary Guaranteed Summon and Happy New Year 2022 Lucky Bag banners. These only accepted Saint Quartz that were bought with real money. The only time players could obtain Reines with earned Saint Quartz in-game after the crossover event was in the Thanksgiving Special 2021 Campaign. Her banner only lasted for 24 hours.

This elusive Lord El-Melloi II Case Files crossover character shares a banner with Sherlock Holmes starting on May 15. Then, Fate/Grand Order will rotate between them in separate banners daily.

Reines’ 3rd Skill, Volumen Hydragyrum, gets a substantial upgrade in the 13th Interlude. It gains the ability to increase an ally’s Noble Phantasm Gauge. The skill already also applies Invincible and increases debuff resistance for multiple turns. Meanwhile, the buff to Sherlock Holmes’ Gift of Insight decreases all enemies’ resistances to Arts attacks. Gift of Insight still continues to generate critical stars for players and seal an enemy’s Noble Phantasm for a single turn.

Fate/Grand Order‘s Japanese server recently saw a re-run of the Lady Reines Case Files event in January. This added a new 4-Star Pretender Class Servant, Hephaestion.

Fate/Grand Order is available worldwide on mobile devices. Reines and Sherlock Holmes return to FGO in its 13th Interlude Summoning Campaign. It ends on May 21, 2022. The Japanese release received the 13th Interlude content in 2020.