Hephaestion Will Debut in FGO Lady Reines Re-run

FGO Hephaestion Lady Reines

The Japanese FGO server will re-run the Lady Reines Case Files event, as well as introduce a new Servant, Hephaestion. The Reines event will start from January 12, 2022. Those who did not previously complete the Lady Reines event will get another chance to obtain the free event Assassin Gray. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Hephaestion will debut during this FGO event, and she will play a part in its Plus Episode. She will be an SR Pretender Servant. In history, Hephaestion was a general in Alexander the Great’s army, as well as his close personal friend. Pretender is a fairly new Servant class in Fate/Grand Order, and is still exclusive to the Japanese server. Oberon is the only other Pretender Servant in the game, and he appeared as a playable character in August 2021.

Here is a clip from the Chaldea Satellite Station showing off Hephaestion’s Noble Phantasm:

In order to participate in the Lady Reines re-run event in Fate/Grand Order, players will need to have first finished Lostbelt No. 3. This event first ran in April 2019 on the Japanese server (April 2021 for the worldwide server). Aside from Gray, Reines also debuted during this event as an SSR Rider.

The Lady Reines re-run event, as well as Hephaestion, will appear in the Japanese version of FGO from January 12, 2022. Fate/Grand Order is readily available worldwide on mobile devices.

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