Fate/Grand Order Celebrates 11 Million Downloads With Freebies

FGO Grand Order

The English version of Aniplex and Delightworks’ hit mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order has been downloaded over 11 million times, and that means a celebratory round of free giveaways for all and sundry. Starting on August 24, 2020, anyone who logs in for at least a week will receive a large amount of supplies. The prizes range from AP-restoration items like silver and gold fruit to character-enhancing items like Blazes of Wisdom and Fou cards. The real loot comes at the end, though, as seven consecutive logins will net ten free summoning tickets that can be used on the premium character gacha.

It also just so happens that Fate/Grand Order‘s celebratory mood includes a limited-time summoning banner. The banner is a rerun of the swimsuit-clad Servants from the 2018 summer seasonal event. Leading is the 5-Star Archer incarnation of Altria Pendragon. This version can be quite powerful, as her Arts-element Noble Phantasm can refill its own gauge, allowing for repeated use. Backing up Altria are two 4-Star Servants, a Caster version of Marie Antoinette and a Ruler version of Saint Martha. Ruler Martha is notable as she is the only Ruler-class Servant in her rarity tier…at least until December 2020, anyway.

Of course, some players might be all tapped out from the spending sprees of the Servant Summer Festival. Thankfully the Fate/Grand Order 11 Million Download Celebration campaign has something of a make-good for that, too. With the 11 Million Download campaign comes the addition of a set of “Extra Missions” that will reward Saint Quartz based on how many “Rank Up” quests a player has completed. Rank Up quests are special quests that, when completed, upgrade a specific Servant’s abilities. FGO typically uses Rank Up quests to “patch” lackluster Servants and make them more competitive. Players will be rewarded 10 Saint Quartz per Rank Up quest completed, up to 80 Quartz (out of 85 available Rank Up quests). Of course, access to the Rank Up quests depends on a player having and advancing a given Servant, so not everyone will be able to redeem the full amount right away. Still, it’s free currency.

Besides the free giveaways, Fate/Grand Order is temporarily reducing the AP cost to run Ember-gathering and Rank Up quests for the duration of the campaign. This, combined with a temporary doubling of the success chance when using Embers, will allow more efficient resource farming. It’s a good opportunity for players to rebuild their stockpiles or further promoted new Servants.

Fate/Grand Order is available now on iOS and Android. The 11 Million Download Celebration campaign will run from August 24, 2020 to September 6, 2020.

Josh Tolentino
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