Fate/Grand Order Dead Heat Summer Race Gives Everyone A Free Summer Version Of Ishtar And Adds A New Nero Claudius Alt


fate grand order dead heat summer race

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Fate/Grand Order is about to kick off its new summer event, Dead Heat Summer Race. Masters and Mash will be racing around the country to stop a Singularity. In addition to an event that will run from July 29 to August 20, 2019, it also means people will have a chance to get a free four-star Ishtar and pull on a banner for multiple summer-themed characters.


Ishtar plays a prominent role in Dead Heat Summer Race. She’s the one who warns players and Mash that a Singularity is about to occur and that participating in the race can keep everyone safe. She temporarily joins in the first part of the event and can become a permanent part in the second.


Here’s a brief clip introducing the Dead Heat Summer Race:



And here is a trailer showing off the Ishtar (Rider) unit’s Noble Phantasm, An Gal Ta Seven Colors.



Some of the new Fate/Grand Order alts were also showcased. These are summer versions of units people will be able to summon from banners. The five-star unit this time is Nero Claudius (Caster). The three four-star units revealed so far are Frankenstein (Saber), Nitocris (Assassin), and Oda Nobunaga (Berserker). Each one has received a trailer showing off the new Noble Phantasms.


Here is Nero Claudius (Caster) performing Laudatum Domus Illustris.



This is Frankenstein (Saber) performing Skewered Plasma Blade.



Here is Nitocris (Assassin) performing Sneferu Iteru Nile.



This is Oda Nobunaga (Berserker) performing Nobunaga THE Rock n’ Roll.



In addition, three more units will eventually be revealed for this event.


Fate/Grand Order is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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