Fate/Grand Order Will Launch 2021 Advent Calendar

Fate/Grand Order Launches 2021 Advent Calendar

Christmas season is rapidly approaching, which means that Aniplex is gearing up to kick off seasonal promotions for Fate/Grand Order. This year it has reopened its annual Fate/Grand Order Advent Calendar campaign. The campaign is named after the (originally Christian) practice of using a special novelty calendar to count the days until Christmas. Advent calendars typically have a set of “doors” or compartments that hide a treat or small gift, one for each day.

The Fate/Grand Order Advent Calendar will take a similar approach, distributing rewards for each day that players log in. The campaign begins on December 1, 2021 and ends at midnight on December 25, 2021. According to the information page, each prize will be different each day. Unlike typical login campaigns, missing a day means missing that day’s reward. That said, players can continue to receive prizes each day they log in. There’s no need to have a login “streak” to claim prizes.

As for the prizes themselves, those are being kept secret. One can, however, guess based on earlier runs, such as in 2019 and 2020. The 2019 promo handed out a mix of mana prisms, friend points, QP, embers of wisdom, Fou cards, and ascension materials. The 2020 promo ditched the ascension materials, for more QP, summon tickets, and AP refills. Both events gave out Saint Quartz premium currency. In 2019 FGO distributed a total of 30 Saint Quartz, and 2020 saw 35 Quartz deposited in players’ coffers. Coupled with recent changes to the game’s reward table, any amount of Saint Quartz will go a bit further than before.

Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on Android and iOS devices. The Advent Calendar promotion will begin on December 1, 2021 and run through December 25, 2021. Its start will overlap with the Thanksgiving promotion, as well as the pre-release campaign for Lostbelt No.5, “Atlantis.”

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