Fate/Grand Order USA Anniversary Adds new Low-Rarity Servants

Fate Grand Order USA Anniversary

On July 4th, 2021, the Fate/Grand Order USA kicked off its 4th anniversary celebration campaign, and Aniplex opened a number of promotions and limited-time offers for active players. As part of the celebration, Aniplex also debuted a translated version of the Fate/Grand Order 4th Anniversary commemorative video. It first aired during the Japanese edition’s 4th anniversary in 2019.

As hinted previously, the American Fate/Grand Order anniversary brings a number of limited-time benefits for players. A “guaranteed summon” will allow players to pay half-price for a special summoning roll that will include at least one 5-Star rarity playable Servant. Similarly, Aniplex has permanently increased the rewards for summoning. Now every ten summons performed will automatically return eleven items, making every 10-roll an 11-roll by default. Other new systems, like the ability to enhance a Servant’s command cards, were also added.

The most interesting new addition, however, is the slate of new playable Servants added. As of the anniversary, seven new playable Servants – one for each of the core classes – were added to the permanent summoning pool. Unlike the usual limited-availability characters added to the game, though, the seven new characters are the opposite of “limited-rarity.” Instead, they’re all “bronze” Servants of the lowest tier: 1- and 2-Star Servants. They’re also exclusive to the free “Friend Point” summoning banner, making them accessible to every player. Though such Servants are usually only useful to players just starting out that lack high-rarity Servants, some of the new ones have some unique qualities that may make them worth picking up and investing resources in.

For example, the Saber-class Jason finally arrived in FGO‘s playable roster after nearly four years as simple story NPC from the Okeanos Singularity. He brings a unique skill that blesses his allies and increases in potency when said allies are associated with the Argonauts, Jason’s group of companions from Greek myth. Thus, existing FGO characters like Herakles, Atalante, Medea, and Chiron all benefit from having Jason around. The Caster-class Chen Gong has a level of utility that far belies his 2-Star rarity. His Noble Phantasm instantly kills a fellow party member to inflict heavy damage on the enemy. This ability to modify a player’s Servant lineup on command has earned him a place even in veteran parties.

For Fate/Grand Order’s American anniversary, Aniplex also showed off a trailer highlighting the new characters’ Noble Phantasms.

The Fate/Grand Order anniversary celebrations will remain active until July 14, 2021. The game is immediately available on iOS and Android.

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