Fate/Grand Order USA Teases Specials for its 4th Anniversary

Fate Grand Order USA

The English edition of mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order (also known as Fate/Grand Order USA) celebrates its fourth anniversary as of June 25, 2021. Though the actual commemorative promotions aren’t under way yet, Aniplex of America launched a “pre-anniversary” campaign to build excitement. Chief among the new moves was a new piece of artwork courtesy of artist Namie.

Included in the opening of the Fate/Grand Order USA pre-anniversary campaign was a gift for existing players: 30 Saint Quartz, which could be used for premium gacha summons. A daily login campaign was also opened, handing out AP-restoring items. Those could be of some use to players who may be busy grinding away in the ongoing Gudaguda Final Honnoji event. Lastly, new developments were teased for announcement coming with the next installment of the regular Chaldea Broadcasting Station livestream, set for July 3, 2021. The livestream will tease new content, promotions, and events. Ayako Kawasumi, the voice of Altria Pendragon, and Satoshi Tsuruoka, the voice of Arash, Spartacus, and Gilles de Rais, are also scheduled to make a special appearance.

As for the actual Fate/Grand Order USA anniversary celebration itself, experience with the Japanese edition’s festivities from 2019 will likely serve as a template. That means players can look forward to a paid “lucky bag” summon that will guarantee a 5-Star Servant in the results, as well as a new summoning banner with a new, limited playable Servant. 2020’s 3rd Anniversary promotion added Scáthach-Skaði, a meta-defining Caster-class character. New system additions, interface adjustments, and convenience features are expected, though the actual timeline of development for FGO USA compared to the original Japanese app is different, so the schedules don’t quite line up exactly.

Fate/Grand Order USA is immediately available on iOS and Android.

Josh Tolentino
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