Fate/Grand Order Lostbelt 6 Pre-Release Campaign Will Last a Month

Fate/Grand Order Avalon Lostbelt 6

The pre-release campaign for the latest main storyline in Fate/Grand Order, Lostbelt 6 – Fairy Round Table: Avalon le Fay, started. The campaign will last June 2-30, 2021 in Japan. In addition, a Chaldea broadcast on June 11, 2021 will reveal more information on the Lostbelt. The last Lostbelt chapter, 5.5 – Heian-kyou, came out in December 2020. [Thanks, KaroshiMyriad!]

The news broke on the same day as the Kirschtaria Wodime Lostbelt Flashback feature. During the pre-release campaign, you will only need to use a quarter of the usual AP when playing the main story quests. As well, players can get a free Golden Apple every day for a week as a login bonus. Lastly, all weekly quests for character materials will be available from June 2-16, 2021. This means you no longer need to wait for a particular day to get certain experience cards.

Leonardo da Vinci (Rider) will be available to pick-up during the pre-release campaign. Her banner will last until June 16, 2021. Information on Avalon has been scarce in-game. The relationship between Beryl and the Lostbelt King is poor, as Beryl is a target of the King’s Rhongomyniad. As well, Muramasa may play an important part in the story, as he is in the Lostbelt to investigate.

The pre-release campaign for Fate/Grand Order Lostbelt 6 Avalon will last June 2-30, 2021. More information will be revealed during the Chaldea broadcast on June 11. Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices. The global version of Fate/Grand Order is currently running the pre-release campaign for Yugakshetra, which is the fourth Lostbelt.

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