Fate/Grand Order Muramasa Nendoroid Has Three Swords

Fate/Grand Order Nendoroid Muramasa Senji header

Good Smile Company opened up pre-orders for a Nendoroid of Senji Muramasa from Fate/Grand Order. It will come with multiple optional sword parts, as well as a detachable haori. Pre-orders are open until January 13, 2022, and it will cost 6500 JPY/$64.99. Its release window is June 2022 for Japanese customers, and August 2022 for North American ones.

The Senji Muramasa Nendoroid will have three face plates: a standard one, a smiling one, and a combat one. It will have three sword parts as well. Along with his white and black swords, you can pose it with his flaming tachi. If you wish to re-create his Noble Phantasm, you may do so with an explosion part. The haori is an attachment, which means that he does not need to have it on at all times.

Here are more pictures of the Fate/Grand Order Senji Muramasa Nendoroid:

Senji Muramasa first appeared as a playable Servant during the New Year Campaign 2021. Fittingly, his pre-order window is almost exactly a year after his debut in the gacha. Good Smile Company first announced the Nendoroid during WonHobby 34. Other Fate/Grand Order figures that will appear include a scale figure of Caenis, a Nendoroid of Yang Guifei, and a figma of Nero Claudius (Bride).

The Fate/Grand Order Senji Muramasa Nendoroid is open for pre-order from the Good Smile Company website until January 13, 2022. It will come out in June 2022 for those in Japan and August 2022 for those in North America.

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