Fate/Grand Order New Year 2022 Servant is a Familiar Face

F/GO New Year SSR Koyanskaya Darkness

From January 1, 2022 to January 10, 2022, the Japanese Fate/Grand Order server is running its New Year banners, as well as its Guaranteed SSR banners. As 2021 ended with the Koyanskaya-centric Tunguska Sanctuary event, it only stands to reason that 2022 starts with yet another Koyanskaya-related event. For 2022, the new New Year Servant in F/GO is Koyanskaya of Darkness.

Koyanskaya of Darkness is an SSR Foreigner Servant, with a focus on buffing her allies’ Noble Phantasm and Buster performances. This is actually fairly similar to her Assassin counterpart’s skill set. However, Koyanskaya of Darkness is also able to inflict multiple debuffs onto the enemy with her third skill, whereas Koyanskaya of Light cannot. Koyanakaya of Light is also able to increase damage against Human enemies, whereas Koyanakaya of Darkness is better at buffing Animal Characteristics Servants.

You can view Koyanakaya of Darkness’s Noble Phantasm, Tunguska Nine Drive, here:

The same update that added Koyanskaya of Darkness into F/GO also includes a new pity system and the GSSR banners. This year’s GSSR banners are split up by the type of Noble Phantasm the Servant has. SSRs available on the second New Year banner include Scathach (Lancer) and Taira no Kagekiyo.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices, and Koyanakaya of Darkness is available on the Japanese server.

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