FGO Tunguska Sanctuary Event Will Focus on Koyanskaya

fgo tunguska sanctuary Koyanskaya

The Japanese version of FGO will run a new event called Tunguska Sanctuary in late December 2021. Though information on the event is scarce, players logging in after maintenance will see a short trailer for it. As the video heavily features Koyanskaya, she will likely play a key role in the event’s story.

In order to access the Tunguska Sanctuary event when it goes live on the Japanese FGO server, players will need to have first finished Lostbelt 6: Avalon le Fae. To help players meet this requirement, Lostbelt 6 story quests will cost half of the necessary AP. The trailer runs through the various outfits you see Koyanskaya in throughout the Lostbelt stories. It also suggests that the event will be lore heavy.

You can watch the Tunguska Sanctuary teaser here:

Koyanskaya first appeared as a playable Servant during the game’s Sixth Anniversary Event banner. She is a five-star Assassin with a powerful Buster Noble Phantasm, as well as a skill set that focuses on increasing her own damage output as quickly as possible. While the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order just wrapped up the latest GUDAGUDA event, the English server has just received Lostbelt 5.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available worldwide on mobile devices. More information on the FGO Tunguska Sanctuary event will appear in the near future.

Stephanie Liu
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