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Fate/Extella Has Been In Development Since Before Fate/Grand Order


Marvelous is working on a high-speed Musou-style game for the Fate series with Fate/Extella, and they shared some additional information during Anime Japan 2016. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]

  • Last week, a test play was held and the game is running great.
  • While we may have seen Servants of Fate/Extra, that doesn’t mean they haven’t prepared anything for their participation in war.
  • The development of Fate/Extella began a good while before Fate/Grand Order started, so the chances of having Fate/Grand Order characters make an appearance are extremely small.
  • While Attila may have made her debut in Fate/Grand Order, but as far as setting goes, Extella would be considered her main, so she’s an exception.
  • The developers are hoping that Fate/Extella succeeds, so that it can be connected to the next title.

You can check out a bit of the Fate/Grand Order collaboration quest with the recently announced anime, Fate/Extra: Last Encore n the video below:

Fate/Extella will release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You can check out the latest information and screenshots for the game in our earlier report.

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