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Fate/Extella Gives Us A Closer Look At Nero, Tamamo-no-Mae, And Altera


Marvelous is releasing the latest of Type-Moon’s series with Fate/Extella, an upcoming PS4 and PS Vita game in the style of the Musou series. Here’s a look at some new details on its characters and new screenshots.

There exists on the Moon a Spiritron computer called the “Mooncell Automaton” that is said to have the power to make any wish come true. Fate/Extra told the story of the “Holy Grail War,” which took place in the imaginary Spiritron world called “SE.RA.PH” with the Servants and their Masters. What awaits for the Master that won through the Holy Grail War and obtained the wish-granting grail?

Here are some of the key characters:

Nero Claudius

CV: Sakura Tange

Class: Saber

One of the Servants that won her way through the Holy Grail War of the Moon together with her Master. She has excellent skill with the sword and balanced abilities as a swordsman Servant. She calls herself “Emperor” and is arrogant towards enemies and allies, but she has deep trust in her Master.


CV: Chiwa Saito

Class: Caster

One of the Servants that won her way through the Holy Grail War of the Moon together with her Master. She’s a Servant that can use a variety of different magic skills. She’s a shrewd character, but shows her admirable and obedient side only towards her Master.


CV: Mamiko Noto

Class Saber

A swordsman Servant who is making her first appearance in the Extra series. She’s an intellectual warrior with high pride; however, there’s just something “empty” about her. She never hesitates when it comes to her sword, and shows an intense fight during battles.

Form Change

The above shows Nero looking like a fighter with her grand armor. The form change allows you to take the fight to another level with new powers. Servants can transform and power up, changing their appearances and weapons. You’ll see Servants in forms that will be unique only to Extella.

Fate/Extella will release in Japan in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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