FFVII The First Soldier Gets Cloud in Dress (FF7) Skin

FFVII The First Soldier Gets Cloud in Dress (FF7) Skin

An extra original Final Fantasy VII Cloud skin is coming to FFVII The First Soldier as part of its new collaboration event. The additional look is called Cloud in Dress (FF7). It is based on the Honey Bee Inn portion of the game game. People will have to earn it, rather than buy it.

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There’s a full list of rewards you can earn via fighting the FFVII Anniversary special monsters in FFVII The First Soldier. If you collect enough data pieces, you can trade them for these skins and cosmetic items.

  • Buster Sword (FF7) back accessory
  • Cloud (FF7) banner
  • Cloud in Dress (FF7) character skin
  • FFVII 25th Anniversary (FF7) banner
  • Friends (FF7) banner
  • MP Soldier (FF7) character skin
  • Mythril Saber (FF7) back accessory

Now that the event is live, there’s also a teaser for upcoming FFVII Anniversary skins. During the second part of the event, it appears Cid, Sephiroth, Vincent, and Yuffie skins are on the way. Like the first round with Aerith, Barret, Cloud, and Tifa, they will be available in Premium Shinra Packs.
FFVII The First Soldier Gets Cloud in Dress (FF7) Skin Part 2

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available for Android and Apple iOS devices, and the FFVII event will be available in-game until February 28, 2022.

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