FFXI February 2022 Mog Wardrobe and Master Level Update

FFXI Mog Wardrobe Master Level Update

Square Enix released details on the next February update for FFXI, and it includes an expansion to the Mog Wardrobe as well as an increase on the Master Level cap. Additionally, The Voracious Resurgence quests and other content such as the Abuscade are getting new rewards and battles. The new update will release after server maintenance on February 11, 2022.

Owners of the Mog Wardrobe premium service will get additional wardrobe slots once the update releases. All players will receive more space to register macros in their macro books, as well as an increase in registerable equipment sets. These expansions will also come alongside a new, improved Mog House menu UI.

Furthermore, the Master Level cap will increase from 20 to 30. Square Enix notes that these new 10 levels will require more exemplar points than previous levels. To this, FFXI producer Akihiko Matsui reveals that the dev team is looking into ways to adjust the EXP grind. Specifically, Matsui mentions that the team may add new places to grind rather than adjust existing ones.

Finally, the Ambuscade is getting new battles in the Normal and Intense difficulties, as well as new rewards for each. The Normal battle features a Corse, and the Intense battle features a Taurus. Completing the Ambuscade will reward players with Corse-themed gear.

Until the new update drops, players can continue participating in the Alter Ego Extravaganza event. The Escha Silt compensation period will also last until the February update server maintenance.

FFXI is immediately available on PCs. The February FFXI Master Level update will go live on February 11, 2022.

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