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FFXIV Hip Street Streetwear Costume Previewed in Korea

FFXIV Streetwear

One of the most engaging activities for longtime players of Final Fantasy XIV is fashion. Players will spent lots of time and even real money crafting the perfect “glamour” for any occasion. And it looks like Square Enix is adding more for fans of contemporary streetwear clothing, judging by the addition of the Hip Street Costume in the FFXIV Online Store in Korea [Thanks Umadori!]

The FFXIV Hip Street Costume set contains streetwear gear to go in the head, hands, torso, pants, and shoes slots of a player’s equipment. The head slot is a reversed baseball cap with a ring cut into the brim, worn over a do-rag. There seem to be variations available on both the torso items and the pants. The first torso variation is a vest worn over a sleeveless t-shirt  with chains and necklaces. The second option is a short denim jacket worn over a white crop top. The top also has brand-like writing in Eorzean script. The pants options include cargo jeans and laced track pants. The hand item is a single fingerless glove on the right and rings and bracelets on the left. The shoes are large two-tone high-top sneaker-like boots with straps. All the items appear to be unisex, with sample pictures showing male and female characters wearing both options.

FFXIV Hip Street

So far, the FFXIV Hip Street Costume is only available for pre-order on the Korean store. It costs 25,300 Crystal there, though actual prices can vary between regional editions of the game. It isn’t unusual for certain items to be country-exclusive, though many regional costumes and mounts eventually made their way out of their original stores.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Check out the latest addition to the English-language online store: A tea-drinking emote.

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