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New Final Fantasy XIV Emote Will Have Players Drinking Tea

Final Fantasy XIV Tea Emote

Square Enix has released a new Final Fantasy XIV emote through the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. Players can now drink tea with the use of this new Final Fantasy XIV emote. It is available to purchase for $7.00. Purchasing the emote will grant the player the “Ballroom Etiquette – The Tea” item, which they can redeem on a single character. If a player wishes to have this emote on more than one character, they will need to purchase it again.

Additionally, Square Enix has released a short demonstration video, which shares how the Final Fantasy XIV tea drinking emote will appear in-game. The video reveals that players can use the emote standing or sitting. An example shows several characters gathered around a table drinking cups of piping hot tea. You can watch the video below.

Other emotes that have appeared through the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store include one that allows players to pantomime. However, emotes aren’t the only things players can purchase from the online shop. Mounts and exclusive outfits can be obtained as well. This includes outfits previously exclusive to NPCs like Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur. Other outfits players can purchase include the Omega-F and Omega-M attire.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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